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Master William Ting
Silver Tiger Tai Chi



Sunday – July 28, 2019
      1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Lyceum Building
      432 High Street      Burlington, NJ

Master Ting

Because of his extensive experience and formidable training, Master Ting is at his best when he explains not only how to do a movement, but also why the movement is performed a certain way. In his workshops, style is not the emphasis, but principles and foundation are. In this workshop, Master Ting will explain how to take the foundational principles to the next level, circulating and using Qi as power.

If you are new to the study of Tai Chi, this workshop will emphasize the utilization of the principles of practice and introduce the student to the circulation of Qi, the structure of the body and how to use the energy in the practice of Push Hands to increase both physical and mental power.

If you have experience in Tai Chi, this is a brand new workshop for Master Ting. He intends to emphasize how Qi is utilized in the body, especially in relation to Power and Push Hands. By gently guiding his students to discover for themselves how to maintain control of force by avoiding conflict, he will demonstrate common techniques used with partner contact, and explain how, when, and why they are effective. A firm grasp of physical principles combined with unity between mind, body and energy is necessary to create and circulate Qi. It is also essential to using power as an essential weapon of self-defense.

Master Ting prefers that students cultivate awareness of their surroundings and their partners and react spontaneously to situations rather than thinking through to find the right "technique" to control an adversary. This is where natural advantage is often lost to time spent thinking about finding the perfect technique. By learning to combine mind, body and energy, we create the power to react without thought, to see without looking, to circulate power instantly.

Any student who wishes to experience a genuine Introduction to Principles, the internal Power generated, and Push Hands taught by a Master should make time to come to this workshop. It has never been offered before in a workshop setting and should not be missed.

"It is one thing to know how to do something, but to do it well, you must know why."

Master William Ting

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The cost for this workshop is $95, payable to "Silver Tiger Tai Chi".
Registration on the day of the seminar, if available, will be $110.

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