Silver Tiger Tai Chi- Internal Arts for Health & Fitness

A very special day in Sète

with Master William Ting

about basic principles and posture

of Qi Gong and Taichi Chuan

For the very first time, Master William Ting will travel to the south of France in a charming little town close to the sea, Sète.

He will there present an essential workshop which will allow the participant to discover and deepen their understanding of Taichi and Qi Gong.

Why are Qigong and Taichi classified as “Internal Arts”? What kind of energy is used in the practice of Taichi and Qi Gong? How do you find balance in your form? How do these practices make it possible to unite the mind and body? How do you articulate awareness from intention in the posture? How do you define Qi?

Novice, seasoned practitioner or teacher; you can ask all of your questions and exchange ideas with Master Ting, regardless of your style or level of practice. This unique workshop is designed to be accessible to students of all levels.

Sunday 16 th of June 2019 10:00-12:30 and 14:30-17:00

Place : Centre Sportif Maurice Clavel, 22 rue Maurice Clavel 34200 Sète


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