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Basic Principles & Posture

Zhu Derun L'origine primordial – Musée de Shanghai, Domaine public

Paris, France

June 22-23, 2019

After his previous visits to France, Master William TING will again be presenting in June. These two different courses will allow you to discover or deepen the fundamental principles that are the basis of Qi Gong and Tai Chi.

What are the 'internal' Arts of Qi Gong and Tai Chi? What types of forces are deployed in the internal arts? How to find the balance between tension and relaxation? How do these practices allow the unity of body and mind? How to experiance attention and intention in the posture? What is Qi? How to maintain continuity of breath in ones practice?

Tai Chi is predicated on a foundation of basic principles, methods and theories established by ancient Masters and substantiated through the ages.  Not all who instruct teach principles, but if the art is to survive, these principles must be taught and understood.  Master Ting has dedicated himself to teaching his students the very basics of the art, for it is in these foundations that Tai Chi excels.

Novice, seasoned practitioner, or teacher;  you can ask all of your questions and exchange ideas with Master Ting, regardless of your style or level of practice.  These two workshops are designed to be accessible to students of all levels.

In this workshop the Basic Principles of QiGong and Tai Chi will be addressed, demonstrated, practiced and corrected while explaining how  a movement is performed as well as why it is done the way it is featured.   Saturday may run a bit longer.  Sunday will emphasize movements in Tai Chi and Qigong.  Master Ting encourages questions, however all workshops will be conducted in English.  There will be translation help available on both days.

Who is Master William Ting?

Ting, Kuo Piao or, as he is better known in the United States, Master William Ting, currently lives outside of Philadelphia, PA.  He is the Director of the Wu Ji Jing Gong Institute of Shanghai, China and teaches at his own school, Silver Tiger Tai Chi in the United States.  As a native of Shanghai, he began his practice of the martial arts at the age of 14.   He had the great honor to be chosen as the closed door student of Grandmaster Lu, Ji Tang with whom he was fortunate enough to be mentored for over 35 years.  Grandmaster Lu founded the school of Wu Ji Jing Gong, a rare and unique style of Tai Chi based on the Jinggong Chansi Tai Chi style created by his master, Chen, Ji Sen.

The spiraling form of this style has been compared to “silk reeling”.  It was Grandmaster Lu, Ji Tang who had the genius to introduce this principle of the spiral in a form of Qigong, recognized as one of the 8 families of Qigong in China. The spiral movements and subsequent release of energy lead to peace of body and mind, reaching out to unite oneself to the universe.

Master Ting is the author of two books:   “Answers to Common Tai Chi and Qigong Questions” and his newly released “Essential Concepts of Tai Chi”.  In his books, he introduces concepts learned as a closed-door student of Classical Tai Chi training.  He presents the three pillars of successful practice:  “Sink, Turn, and Expand”, the “24 Musts of Posture”, theories of “Relaxing and Expanding”, “Giving/Receiving”, “Flowing and Firmness”, and the all-important concept: “It is, It is Not, IT IS”.  He goes back to the ancient Taoist traditions of Tai Chi, and presents them in a style understandable and available to all who come to see him.

Master Ting has also released several DvD’s of his style and practice.  If you are interested in the purchase of books or DvD’s, please let us know before April 30th  so we can provide these at the workshops. 

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Practical Details:

Saturday 22nd
and sunday
23rd of June
Dojo Saint Ambroise
6, Rue de la Folie
Méricourt, 75011
Métro St Ambroise
(ligne 9)
Register :

 before May 13th:
1 workshop 100 €
2 workshops 200 €

 after May 13th:
1 workshop 110 €
2 workshops 220 €
Rémi Solliez
+33 6 64 22 06 31
.comedusoi93@gmail. com

To Register for these workshops:

Please send an email to and let us know how many and which workshops you are planning to attend. 

Payment can be sent to “La Route du Soi”    17 Rue du Sergent Godefroy   93100 MONTREUIL

For more information contact Rémi Solliez, Paris, France   (06 64 22 06 31).


To be included in the workshop, registration must be accompanied by payment.  Given the popularity of Master Ting and this particular workshop, it is recommended that you register as soon as possible.  Space is limited

This is a very popular workshop, pre-registration is essential.


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