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Basic Principles & the “KUA”

Sunday, September 23, 2018

1:00 PM to 5:PM

Lyceum Building      432 High Street      Burlington, NJ

Master Ting

Tai Chi is predicated on a foundation of basic principles, methods and theories established by ancient Masters, and substantiated and refined through the ages. Different styles developed by different Masters grew up in China, in different regions. However, all styles, no matter the outside presentation, rely on a common set of foundational principles. Throughout his teaching career, Master Ting has chosen to focus his workshop instruction on these principles in order to benefit all students who attend. And while most of his previous workshops dealing with basic principles have followed a general, all around formula, in this workshop he is going to focus on one aspect of the body, the Kua, and how this relates to the foundational principles.

There have been thousands of words written about the significance of the “Kua” in relation to Tai Chi posture. For such an unobtrusive part of the body, its actual import should not be minimized. In order to obtain the most benefit from your practice, it is essential that you understand where the “Kua” is, and how, while performing movements, it remains open, expanded and balanced. One cannot effectively circulate Qi if this area of the body is not open and in the proper position. When the Kua is opened, heavy Qi will sink unimpeded to the ground while light energy rises. If the Kua is not opened, the energy cannot efficiently move and circulate from the feet to the fingertips. Knowing how to relax the posture and open the Kua allows the student to root deeply while keeping the upper body flowing and light.

All aspects of the principles will be discussed in relation to their effect on the Kua and the body. This is another new seminar for Master Ting, as he delves into much deeper instruction and demonstration on the physical effects of the opening and movement of the Kua. For novice students, any workshop dealing with foundational principles is designed to elevate your practice to a new level. For the experienced practitioner, small details and suggestions will allow you to transcend expected norms of practice and enter into an entirely new world of intense circulation of Qi. The Kua is a major player in correct posture, and this seminar will emphasize its importance to the practitioner.

"It is one thing to know how to do something, but to do it well, you must know why."…

Master William Ting

SPACE IS LIMITED: pre-registration is essential and participation will only be confirmed with payment . Registration is not guaranteed without payment.

The cost for this workshop is $95, payable to "Silver Tiger Tai Chi".

Registration on the day of the seminar, if available, will be $110.

Mail check or money order to:

1359 Hainesport – Mt. Laurel Rd., Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054.

If interested, please register early, space is limited and the workshop will be closed once the roster is filled. For more information, call 856-778-4209, or email at



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