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Basic Principles & the Quality of “Song” The Art of Relaxation

Sunday, September 29, 2019
1:00 PM to 5:PM

Lyceum Building      432 High Street      Burlington, NJ

Master Ting

The hallmark of Master Ting's instruction is the way and manner in which he conveys the foundational principles and philosophies associated with the internal arts. The true measure of the art lies in the internal depth, subtle detail, exquisite sensitivity, and profound awareness which are concealed within each movement.

These underlying principles, as applied to the physical posture, are not acquired easily; a student needs "Gong Fu"; sincere effort, dedicated, consistent practice, and most importantly, a teacher who can guide the way to understanding not just the “how” of a movement, but also the “why” it is done a certain way. Tai Chi is predicated on a foundation of basic principles, methods and theories established by ancient Masters and substantiated through the ages. Not all who instruct Tai Chi teach these principles, but if the art is to survive, these principles must be taught and understood. Master Ting has dedicated himself to teaching his students the very basics of the art, for it is in these foundations that Tai Chi excels.

It is fitting then, that Master Ting ends his 2019 local workshop schedule with a unique seminar focusing on one of the most important, yet misunderstood underlying aspects of Tai Chi, Qigong, Push Hands, etc. This would be the Chinese concept of Song, translated simply as; loose, unimpeded, relaxed, and devoid of tension. “Song” in Tai Chi is only achieved when the entirety of the body has acquired the state, not in isolation but in uniform distribution. “Song” must be initiated from inside out: one must first rid the mind of tension in order to facilitate the relaxation of the physical body.

“Song” is prone to common misrepresentations which are visually apparent in the posture. Some students are so overly soft that the body appears weak and flaccid. In the search for “Song”, earnest players often overdo softness and instead exhibit a limp, shrinking posture, lacking in vigor and effectiveness. “The physical body collapses in on itself, making it difficult, if not impossible, to circulate Qi. True Song involves releasing and letting go and therefore requiring the body to be open and expansive. It is not contracting and shrinking. It is also not a localized feeling but an all-encompassing releasing of stress or tension in the frame. It is permeating rather than in-situ. Students often believe, prematurely, that a state of “song” has been achieved and, in the process, the mind loses the awareness it needs to keep open and guide the body. Stiffness and inflexibility invariably result, as does fatigue and reduced movement. To achieve Song, it means having the ability to drop the heavy energy down to your feet while simultaneously lifting light energy upwards and outward. You will remain deeply rooted, yet incredibly flexible, expanding your reach and improving your balance going forward. This workshop will encourage the student to build up their own personal sensitivity as well as increasing this sensitivity to others.. Understanding better the relationship between Flowing and Firmness.

This seminar will be detailed and questions will be encouraged. For the novice student, this workshop is essential for your understanding and foundations. There is no efficient way to cover the depth of detail found in this workshop in the space of an hour's class instruction. The information found here will form a solid foundation for future practice. For the experienced practitioner, a deeper understanding of the vital concept of Song, and how to successfully incorporate it into your form can move your practice into an entirely new level of understanding. Every student will come away with a far greater appreciation for the power and depth of Tai Chi.

"It is one thing to know how to do something, but to do it well, you must know why."…

Master William Ting

SPACE IS LIMITED: pre-registration is essential and participation will only be confirmed with payment . Registration is not guaranteed without payment.

The cost for this workshop is $95, payable to "Silver Tiger Tai Chi".

Registration on the day of the seminar, if available, will be $110.

Mail check or money order to:

1359 Hainesport – Mt. Laurel Rd., Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054.

If interested, please register early, space is limited and the workshop will be closed once the roster is filled. For more information, call 856-778-4209, or email at



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