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Master William Ting's 40th Pocono Retreat

Featuring instruction in

   QI GONG   -   TAI CHI  
Basic Principles -      Posture Corrections   -   Self Defense Applications

November 1 - November 3, 2019

Split Rock Lodge
Lake Harmony, Pa

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Master William Ting invites you to join him back at beautiful Split Rock Lodge in the Pennsylvania Poconos this November 1-3, 2019 for the 40th Weekend Tai Chi Seminar. We will be offering the tranquility of lakeside rooms (for those guests who sign up early) and peaceful accommodation in the heart of the Pocono mountains.

Ting Kuo-Piao, or as he is better know, William Ting has a reputation as a Teachers' Teacher, not only because of his extensive in-depth knowledge of Tai Chi, but more for his ability to effectively communicate esoteric underlying theory and interpret the classic texts in a manner students from all levels and styles can relate to in modern society. Originally from Shanghai, China, Master Ting began his studies in the martial arts at the age of 14 and earned the honor of being chosen a closed door student of the late Grandmaster Lu Ji -Tang. With that, Master Ting brings over 40 years of experience to this seminar. Master Ting has dedicated his life to preserving the pure art of Tai Chi Chuan by sharing his accumulated knowledge and insight with students all over the world.

The focus of Master Ting's seminars is to unite the student with the heart of Tai Chi by stressing the fundamental principles essential to its practice. Correct posture, balance, relaxation, coordination of movement, calmness, and awareness are consistently reinforced to encourage each student to achieve a deeper understanding of the internal flow of energy with unity of mind, body, and spirit. No matter what style a student has practiced, the basic principles underlie each system and form a cohesive foundation for all practitioners.

This workshop provides a unique opportunity for those students who want to immerse themselves completely in a weekend of discovery, practice, application and demonstration. Master Ting organizes each day into sessions that feature various aspects of Tai Chi and QiGong. He then correlates the content of these sessions into practical exercises to accent the intricate relationship between Tai Chi study and basic principles. Practical application of defensive movements are demonstrated in Push Hands play and Walking Tai Chi. Personalized instruction, explanation of theory, detailed demonstration, plus time for practice are intended to increase the knowledge of each student and allow them to integrate these essential skills into their own style and practice. Questions are encouraged throughout the weekend, with individual attention given to each response, followed by practical demonstration and instruction.

Master Ting supplements the physical training with lectures Friday and Saturday evening designed to reinforce the lessons learned during the weekend. Sessions in Meditation will be interspersed with physical training and are designed to help the student relax and assimilate their exercises throughout the weekend. The surrounding beauty of the Pocono Mountains provides an excellent environment for individual practice as well as lackadaisical meanderings.

Classically trained in China, Master Ting possesses an excellent command of the English Language that allows him to explain complex theory and philosophy which he reinforces using practical example and demonstration. As demonstrated in his two books: “Answers to Common Tai Chi and QiGong Questions” and "Essential Concepts of Tai Chi", he brings the wisdom of his masters’ masters and years of personal experience to this forum, stressing the Taoist principles of awareness, fullness within emptiness, stillness within flowing, and yielding within expanding.

Silver Tiger Tai Chi

40th Semi-Annual Pocono Seminar 

Activities: As a guest at Split Rock Lodge your stay includes a diverse choice of activities and amenities. Indoor pools, saunas, hot tubs, and steam rooms to relax tired muscles, a continental restaurant with individual choices from the menu, luxury rooms overlooking the lake and the peace and tranquility of stone fireplaces and lakeside lounging for the weary. The resort has a spa featuring massage and aromatherapy to sooth the soul.   A bowling alley and first run movie theater are also available for a small fee. Please go to their website for a list of all of their activities and facilities.

Cost: $720.00, which includes 2 nights lodging (lakeside rooms available on a first come - first serve basis), six meals, ALL taxes and gratuities, and the workshop package. Rates are calculated assuming double occupancy. We will make every attempt to put single participants wanting to share rooms in with other students who also desire double occupancy. However, if there are no students available to share, the rate for single occupancy will apply.

Early Registration is highly recommended.

If single accommodations are desired, a fee of $155 extra will be required. Please let your rooming preferences be known as soon as possible, as single accommodations are at a premium and not guaranteed without a deposit. For those not staying at the Lodge, Workshop only rates are $190 per day (excluding meals). A 50% deposit will guarantee space and is due Sep 1, 2019. Full payment must be received by October 1st to guarantee your room. Because our reservation is obligated by contract, we must insist that after October 1st, deposits are refundable by 50%. After October 15th, reservations are no longer refundable.

Guests and families of the participants are invited to join us at the lodge for the weekend. Guest rates are $395 per person and include all resort amenities, meals, taxes and gratuities. Please advise Master Ting about these accommodations early because space is limited..

Checks and money orders should be made payable to William Ting and can be sent to
1359 Hainesport Road, Mt. Laurel, New Jersey 08054.
Please include your name, address, telephone, and email.

Additional information and directions to the Lodge can be found by contacting Master William Ting at:

Phone: 856-778-4209.
website at: www.

Because of the popularity of this Retreat, we strongly suggest early registration in order to secure lakeside accommodations.

For Directions to the lodge click on this link :

Please contact Master Ting to let him know that you are interested in attending the T'ai Chi Workshop Weekend November 1 - 3, 2019.

Weekend Workshop & Lectures
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Double room               

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+ Guest                        

Saturday Workshops      

Sunday Workshops       

Friday Evening Lecture    
$ 50

Saturday Evening Lecture
(Question & Answer Session)
$ 50


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