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Jim Van Haren Biography

Adult Limited Step Push Hands - Men > 200 lbs # 135 - Gold
Adult Freestyle Push Hands - Men > 200 lbs #143 - Silver

International Kuo Shu Championship


Jim began his martial arts studies in 1992, initially with Shotokan Karate.  In 1994 he became intriqued with the Chinese martial arts as a direct result of what he, in his words ... "found to be complete systems, focusing the development of mind, body, and spirit."  He studied a number of systems simultaneoulsy over the next 6 years (1994-2000) with Wing Chun as his core martial art.  The other systems were Shaolin Kung Fu, the Shaolin Five Animals, Jook Lum Praying Mantis, Yang style Tai Chi and the associated weapons of those arts.
Since 2000 Jim has been studying the Wu Ji Jing Gong system with Master Ting. During this time he has enjoyed the opportunity to both grow and share his Qi gong, Tai Chi, and Bagua knowledge with others. An accomplished push hands competitor, Jim has had the honor of representing Silver Tiger Tai Chi at international martial art tournaments. Over his competition career Jim has consistently ranked high in push hands events with his achievements to date including multiple repeat Gold metals (2012, 2013, 2014).

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