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The “24 Musts” of Correct Posture

A. Head Straight

  1. Top of head suspended from the ceiling
  2. Neck straight, tucking in the chin slightly (hide Adam's apple)
  3. Nose in line with navel
  4. Eyelids relaxed
  5. Center the vision (the eyes are the windows to the soul)
  6. Close the mouth
  7. Tip of tongue is lightly touching roof of mouth
  8. Teeth slightly touching each other

B. Torso straight

  1. Relax the waist opening the lower back
  2. Shoulders slightly forward, armpits open
  3. Chest in, Back out
  4. Tuck in the tailbone and sink it to the heels

C. Connection of Lower Extremities

  1. Inner thighs open out, knees connect in
  2. Knees relaxed and slightly bent, keep knees in line with toes
  3. Toes lightly grab the ground, ankles and knees feel lifted
  4. Bottom of the foot is hollow and absorbing

D. Connection of Upper Extremities

  1. Open the upper back so as to not see the shoulder blades
  2. Shoulders relaxed, down and level
  3. Elbows are never straight, point tips down and connect with the knees
  4. Wrists curve smoothly, opening slightly outward like the ankles
  5. Hand and fingers have a slight smooth curve, palms feel hollow
  6. Have a space between the fingers as if holding a ball, the fingertips slightly grabbing
  7. Have a space between the thumb and index finger like a half circle (“Mouth of the Tiger”)
  8. Middle of palms feel absorbing, palms and fingertips feel connected together

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