Silver Tiger Tai Chi- Internal Arts for Health & Fitness

Foundations Of Bagua
7:30:00 PM
Duration: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

This course is offered specifically for students who have had little or no experience with Bagua or for those experienced students who would like to work on the fundamentals of the art. Instruction will include basic mud-walking, line drills, strength training, along with the footwork to coordinate with basic palm changes allowing the student to experience a taste of the depth of Bagua. 

Bagua is classified as an internal martial, along with Tai Chi.  The primary feature of Bagua is a continuous, circular, walking technique that coordinates hands and feet together.  While the motion is continuous, like a whirling tornado, the body should feel balanced, flexible and stable. 

If you have looked at Tae-Bo and kick-boxing and decided they were beyond your physical capabilites, in addition to a balanced diet, this is an excellant addition to any exercise program, with it's foundation in the martial arts,  for a low-impact way to lose weight.   


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